The Swayed

by Jesse LeJeune

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Started 5/7/2013.

This album is entitled "The Swayed" and is in compositional dialogue with the title of a past song; "Heirs to the Ease, Sway Us". This song first appeared on "Like Spinning Plates EP", and was reconceptualized the first of several times on "1,333 ft Guyed Mast". "Heirs to the Ease, Sway Us" was written lyrically out of an existentially suspected need to exit what I took to be a sheltered existence, established by an upper-middle-class upbringing within academic institutions. "The Swayed" is a direct response to that concern. The responder counts himself as having sufficiently been in the real world, and sets to meditation the damages incurred and the lessons gained.

Only select songs are shown here, all of them can be listened to upon downloading the album.


released December 28, 2013



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Track Name: Lightpipe
In such memories I've found
It is not safe to move your eyes
I'm reborn of your own wishing
And such memories abound
But it gives me nothing
Fear's nowhere by my soul; black the walls within it
Fear's nowhere by my soul
A weep a splendid marsh she marched on
Reason it malnourished
A world warm and sparse
Fear can waste it all for naught
Ah, weeping splendid heart she marched on
Jesus it's malnourished
A world warm and sparse
Fear can waste it all for naught
It was all within herself
Unbearable things took flight
on Frost from Wings of Valkyries.
I'm reborn of your own wishing, gives me nothing
And raise arms against this anomaly,
We'd remember us.
Track Name: Dawn Chorus
I know a perfect place that we could fit in
Eye to eye in the dark oblivious to sin
Oblivious to how time flies
And how the more I think, the less I realize

But all is what you make of it, is all

I know a human race that doesn't understand
Eye to eye with the cross with wings made of sand
Oblivious to how sight blinds
They com-modify our souls so they can advertise.

But all is what you make of it, is all.

(Chorus from previous track, "Spirant"):
Like the sea's foam
Like morning-after rain
Like commands worth taking
Whispin' over tan, covered shoulder bare
Mouthful of innocence

I know a perfect place where we can fit in (live in/be friends)
Eye to eye with the cross and wings made of sand
I'll take you to this place where could live in
But I'm found in the real world, and that doesn't swim.
Track Name: The Swayed (Aye-Ball)
In the likes of your hearts all
All above heights, try to take it in the right light:
You can't run, there's nowhere left to hide
But in His arms that reach out.
This is the way the illuminated door,
I was led to a next-world
(Oh yes) A missed sign, a naked eyeball hides me
Heirs to the ease, sway us
Track Name: Bloodletting
Imagine it: a lifetime away from everything you've known
No family holidays
No going here or there with anything in mind
No going here or there at any given time
Just an amusing refusal to stop it
It all taken by a refusal to stop a bleeding clock
It all taken by a refusal to rise
From that wreckage others dumped
To the shrapnel that homes
To that part of you that thumps
Somewhere deep in your bones
I forgot what it is called
Oh damn what's that term?
...That red thing that objects
When others tell you "squirm!"
Don't worry it is for the best
We'll just let all of your blood out
Why don't you try and rest
The problem is you
You're to blame for this
Why they've blistered you
And crippled your good name
Why they mangled and abused
The good out of your bones
They pinched out your nerves and set them in stone
Imagine it: every one in stone.