The Land of Now EP

by Jesse LeJeune

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A 3-song EP that was originally titled "A Compilation of Influences". This alternate title is a concept I've been wanting to make explicit for some time. The core idea of the album is a sure one: all of our creative ideas can be reduced to a compilation of our influences. Our art is the arrangement and synthesis of those influences, and so becomes set apart as a new influence. We cannot escape allusion, though copyright law pretends we can for the sake of revenue. This album, in that it is free of charge, celebrates allusion without apology. The influences present themselves from both the conscious and the subconscious. The music--as all music--is not only a compilation of my influences present in its making, but of yours too in your listening.

Conducive with the idea of the album, much of the music includes freely downloaded samples from and the users that upload their samples there. Some of the original samples are pitch shifted, slowed or sped up, and/or altered. Credit for those samples used and those users who uploaded them will be given per song.

Additionally, this album was mostly written while meeting and getting to know my eventual wife, Sara. This album is dedicated to her and contains memories we have made together.

All the work is attributable under the creative commons license.

Begun 10/16/2015

The EP in its entirety is available via the free download.


released October 16, 2015

To all my influences.

All artwork will be screen-captures from the program SpaceEngine.



Track Name: Atropine
To be who we are, we are doomed
To get this far, we'll give your dreams atropine until the day is through
This is the time of here
This is the land of now
Eyes closed to ears
Lips closed to brows
You lie close to me
No where else I'd rather be
Choose life with me, we will be free
To be who we are, we are crude
To get this far, we will give your team atropine until the season's through
Track Name: You've Got the Edge
(Hums melody)
I'm in a field, in a bed, after dusk
The rustling leaves blow through grey trees and
I can't find a reason to believe it's not a dream again
Silver shade in the glade
I turn my gaze to the direction of the breeze
It blows away
(Hums melody)
You're in my head I can feel you
In my ears and eyes and on my skin again
Don't find a reason to believe this is a dream you're in
Summer days, you look great
In the shade that I selected for you girl
(Hums melody)
You girl
And isn't it obvious you won me over
I've meaned to tell you that, you've got the edge on that
Of all the gifts I have, you 've got the edge (you girl)
(Hums melody in canon)