Songs That Mean Things

by Jesse LeJeune

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This is the first set of songs that I decided to compile into an "album"; called Songs That Mean Things. This is being shared because, as poor as I retrospectively think these songs are, they occupied a large measure of satisfaction and endearment at the time of production. They are my first, musical baby steps. An account of my music is incomplete without these songs, which did--believe it or not--have a lasting impact on at least one other musician, Nathan Wiginton, who I later worked with.

All songs except for "Jericho" were recorded in Gorgas Library at the University of Alabama. Students had access to a media lab for free, and though the MIDI capabilities were crude, the Apple computer and use of Logic was very nice. "Jericho" was recorded at the old Carisbrooke house of Nathan Wiginton.

I sent out physical copies of this CD to hundreds of friends. I started a Facebook group about the music ("all of one accord") that I have since shut down.

I added some B-sides and joke-tracks created around this time as bonus tracks.

Only select songs are shown here, all of them can be listened to upon downloading the album.


released October 15, 2006

Credit goes to Nathan W for bass guitar on "Jericho", Matt LeJeune for guitar on "Scars of Our Lord", and a few Logic samples, which I used in their obvious stock-status without a second thought.



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Track Name: Ghosts
I saw a ghost the other day
And I walked by, thinking of something to say but
The ghost didn't notice me
So I was the ghost in reality see.

Verse 2 is the same with harmony, but the words that are harmonized create an alternate verse, perhaps the situation as interpreted by the other "ghost". ("I saw a ghost the other day thinking of something to say, but the ghost didn't notice me. Was the ghost in reality?")

He was right, or did you know?
There ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
And I guess that I could turn on a light
But I might lose my sight, for you.