Like Spinning Plates EP

by Jesse LeJeune

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This album is an extension of the methodology Thom Yorke used in order to create the brilliant "Like Spinning Plates" from Amnesiac. After writing a song (eventually titled "I Will" and released on Hail to the Theif in 2005), Yorke reversed the completed song, liked the reversed aesthetics better, and so developed new lyrics to the reversed syllables.

The same idea is applied here; I reversed select songs from the then-just-released Songs That Mean Things album, in hopes of discovery of something within. I did not re-record what I heard backwards, as Yorke did, but I did pour over the reversed syllables from the original lyrics and painstakingly formulate them into coherent words (sometimes sufficing with just a decent fit). This was, still to this day, one of the most demanding and difficult creative acts I've taken. In the end, I got some good lyrics out of the process, some with very beautiful messages, and discovered a methodology for future compositional creativity.

The idea was to turn the logic and sense of narrative inherent in song writing on its head, and in this way, I hoped, I would be able to come across ideas, treatments, dynamics, progressions, etc that, I figured, were unavailable to the normal, forward way of writing music. I'd say this was a success; the reversal and study of the Songs That Mean Things' track "Ghost" produced the ever-expanding lore of the track "Heirs to the Ease", upon which future tracks and even albums are based.

Lyrically, it was a goal to have the eventual message of the reinterpreted words have something to do with the original song's theme/idea. If possible, I made the new message somewhat of the inverse of the original.

The tracks can be listened to upon downloading the album.


released January 20, 2007