Celpha Fiael

by Jesse LeJeune

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This is my sophomore album, and was made during my junior year at college. It received the most listens of any of my albums, as I was enjoying some exposure via YouTube at the time. The title is the pseudonym of that YouTube channel. The music is defined by heavy inclusion of a then-new drum machine and a cerebral style of composition, musically and lyrically. It was primarily recorded on the portable home-studio recording system of Nathan Wiginton.

Only select songs are shown here, all of them can be listened to upon downloading the album.


released April 17, 2008

Nathan W, Jake "Reflectionist" Elliot, Azrienoch, the Knighted Owls, Ashley H, Matt L, Ricky of Plato Jones



all rights reserved
Track Name: Noose
A break in the clouds equates the hand holding out escape
And I am justified despite what you regret to abide mistakes.
To keep from a fall to love is to be stopped by a noose.
Last night I watched you weave loose strings in my heart knots into you.

If our lips could touch without that sphere of lust between,
I'd shed my reason and wed my skin.
The most innocent of forms are hollow within.
With fingers thin and entwined you thanked God
For bringing us close with an "Oh-Father" facade.

There's a lie in religion and a thief close by in faith.
That sums it all up.
It's hard to be sympathetic to something that is apathetic to all you do and say and think through.

Slipping in and out, I die by a mass of applause.
Requiem abandonment into black jaws...
Scatter my ashes, the jar still warm
(If you seek truth, seek no more.)
(Rest in pieces. And they say:)
With liberty and justice to all who conform.
Track Name: Unweave
I have four good reasons to scream
One is flexing skin in response,
Three trying two unweave it's structured means.
For three trying to unweave.
Hidden in parentheses, the eye of the robot gleams
Armed arches reaching up as thick ink protects as sleeves.
Just like institutionalism seals its bricks with human souls
And spreads its diet of sacrifice and swallows its architects whole.

So before they evaporate,
(Tread 'till you are back)
(In their reach)
Condensate your speech!

There's a rising light
There's a running shadow,
There's an angle between,
Shit soil below.
There are grey streaks
Red hues below.
They call you number
Call them out on their lie.

Three to one odds are good indeed.
Track Name: Here is the Steeple
She hears the sound, the rain weeps down
Thinking about the clouds,
She's thinking about her very own scripture.
She hears the sound, the sun seeps down
With sunset curtain, sweep the ground.
She sweeps the ground with her very own scripture.
She keeps the sound with her own scripture
She can't read to me.

And who are we to tell her
That everything she's been shown is a lie?
And use our scripture to ground the mind that she's tried to speak
But, honestly, what's honesty these days?
There are things that don't speak in words.

The sky is not a ceiling.
The clouds will serve as healing.
The sky is not a ceiling!