1​,​333 ft Guyed Mast

by Jesse LeJeune

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January 2012

In Birmingham, AL there exists a cable-tv-station tower on the mountain that overlooks the city. It stands at 1,333 ft--which is relatively tall for buildings and station towers generally--yet goes largely unappreciated by most of Birmingham's citizens because it is not meant to be aesthetic. This did not stop me from ascribing great beauty to it. This album is an homage to the under-appreciated majesty of this structure. My proximity to the tower during the writing and recording of this album not only left its philosophical influence, but musical imprint on the raw audio as well (see comments for "Heirs to the Ease (Sway Us)".

The album is defined by an experimental compositional style and inclusion of dynamic production effects.


released January 3, 2012

thanks be to Lane Smith, Kyle Smith, Nathan W, Clark Andrews, David Matt and Jon LeJeune, Mr Kent Parks, Dwanny C and the FonFons (truly a great band name).

Only select songs are shown here, all of them can be listened to upon downloading the album.



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Track Name: Thirteen Step
hi it's me doug
Track Name: Heirs to the Ease (Sway Us)
In the likes of your hearts, all.
Above heights,
Try to take it in the right light:
You can't run, there's nowhere left to hide
But in his arms that reach out.

This is the way, the illuminated door,
I was led to a next world
Oh yes, a missed sign, a naked eyeball
Hides me
Heirs to the Ease
Sway Us